Do aches and pain keep you from doing all the activities you wish to do?

Are you someone who just wants to move better or improve balance?

Not liking your posture?  Is it making you feel old?

Or, maybe you keep getting the same injuries.

Hi, I’m Nancy Nesyto-Freske.  I work with people who like to take charge of their health. They want to be informed and know what to do. They don’t want surgery or medication.  They’re responsible for their health and find time to incorporate 10-15 minutes 4 or more times a week to do their home programs.  These are the folks who get results – and quickly.

I love working with people who believe age is truly just a number and it doesn’t define who they are or what they can accomplish.  They are curious and they continue to learn.

“I have been experiencing knee problems for the last year.  At this point I am not willing nor do I think a knee replacement is necessary.  However, as I go about my daily activities, I was aware of discomfort.  I consulted Nancy and described the tightness I was feeling when exercising.  She suggested a simple set of movements that could be completed in less than 5 minutes.  I have been doing the exercises twice a day, morning and night.  All the stiffness is relieved by these simple stretches.  It really is remarkable what intentional focus can accomplish in a very short time.  Thank you, Nancy!  I am walking pain free!” ~ JoAnn.H.

Be Vibrant Movement Therapy can help you achieve all of your movement dreams. Whether it’s hiking or backpacking, taking a dream vacation, or just playing with your grandkids, if you’re not moving well, you know these activities aren’t pleasant.

Be Vibrant Movement Therapy can help you achieve all of your movement dreams.

“Hello Nancy, I have to tell you about how remarkable I felt after my Tuesday evening Somatics class.
I have to admit I was a little skeptical, as I was a little achy when I got home, but the next day I had a lot less pain. I am overwhelmed and grateful. I have had shoulder issues for over a year now and  I am finally feeling like I’m almost back to normal.  My shoulder still cracks and makes funny noises, but the pain has subsided.  I guess as the saying goes never give up and keep moving is true. Even small somatic movements; this was exactly what I needed after doing 4 months of Physical Therapy.  Thank you!” ~ M.F

Whether you live on the golf course or just enjoy taking a daily walk, efficient and easy movement is critical for enjoying all of these activities.

“Nancy is awesome! I had severe cramping/crushing pain in my low back that I would get whenever I would rise from a seated position. After only 2or 3 sessions with Nancy the pain was gone and I no longer would get the crushing pain that I had experienced before. Nancy made it so that I could go shopping with my family and walk around for hours even and also to go hiking which had been almost impossible with the back pain I had before. There was one night that I even went camping and due to forgetting a part for my air mattress I slept on the ground in my tent with no problems with my back the next day. Nancy has also fixed my posture and given me tools that I can use to make sure I don’t have the back pain come back. Thank you so much and I highly recommend her to anyone with pain issues.” ~ Brian M.