I teach people how to get stuck muscles and joints moving smoothly again!

If you don’t feel like you move as well as you want to, if your balance has changed or if you want to add more movement into your life, I can help.

Learn how to effectively take charge of how your body moves and feels.

Learn how to change your body from stiff and achey to limber and free moving.  Be Vibrant Movement Therapy teaches movements that are safe and gentle, yet very effective. No special equipment is needed, just a small amount of time, on a regular basis.

A huge benefit of moving better is that your body will feel great! Aches, pains and stiffness disappear!  You’ll be amazed at how limber you’ll feel and how well the different parts of your body start to move.

What fun adventures are you looking forward to?  Be confident that your body will be just as happy as you are doing whatever activity you choose to do!  Side effects include acting like a kid again and perhaps even doing activities you haven’t done in years!

“As a nurse case manager, I have referred many clients to Nancy.  These people experienced chronic pain that modern medicine has been ineffective in treating.  Every single client has come back to me and said that they are getting relief from their pain with somatic therapy”.

Karin W. RN