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Nancy Nesyto-Freske
1254 N. Galena Ave

Dixon, IL 61021


NancyBe Vibrant Yoga Therapy offers a unique approach to help people move better. By combining the system of Yoga and the science of Biomechanics and Neurophysiology, clients are seeing amazing results that in some cases, they thought would never happen.


What you can expect:


  • Greater flexibility with improved balance
  • Day-to-day movements will feel effortless and unrestricted
  • A posture that is more youthful
  • Holistic options to handle daily pressures
  • If you’ve been told you have to live with the pain….
  • A better night's sleep
  • An improvement in your activities, whether you are an athlete or you just enjoy leisurely walks
  • A joyful sense of well-being


All achieved through slow, gentle movements.

How does that happen?

We all have adapted to habitual movement patterns. These came about through traumas, repetitive movements and various other ways. Most happened over time, others because of accidents, and we weren't even aware they were happening. If these patterns continue on, many of them will eventually cause pain, aches, stiffness, slouchy posture, poor balance, etc.

Because we are not aware of them, we cannot change them! Nancy will teach you how to become aware of the patterns. Once you become aware of them, then and only then, can you make the changes.

Give Nancy a call today to find out the best options for you! Just think of how vibrant you will feel and look!

Be Vibrant Yoga Therapy is here to help you achieve your goals!

Click here for conditions that will benefit from Be Vibrant Yoga Therapy's slow, gentle movement.


For more information contact Nancy at or call her at 815-509-6479.